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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FIXIY an Irish Company?
Yes we are based in Dublin and service all 32 counties

What services does FIXIY provide?
FIXIY want to empower you to repair your own technology device using our Fix It Yourself (FIXIY) kits. We provide after sales support to help you with the fitting of your part.
Replace iPhone, iPod and iPad parts with 3 repair options
Repair Water Damaged iPhones with 3 repair options
Replace Laptop (PC & Mac) and Desktop parts with repair options
Recover data from your hard drive, external hard drive or usb memory key with 3 repair options
Free Diagnosis and repair advice

We Provide 3 Repair Options
Fix Yourself with our DIY Kit, Install Guide and Installation Support
We Fix for you by collecting from your home anywhere in Ireland, repairing in our workshop and returning to you.
Drop into us and we will Fix within 1 Hour!!

Which iPhone models do FIXIY provide services for?
repair 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPhone 4s models
for more information visit our Fix My iPhone page

Which Laptop and Desktop models do FIXIY provide services for?
Acer, Asus, Dell, Emachines, Esystems, Fujitsu, Hp / Compaq, Lenovo / IBM, Packard Bell, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba
for more information visit our Fix My Laptop Page
For more information visit our Fix My Desktop Page

What Parts Do Fixiy provide services for to Fix My Laptop or Desktop
Laptop Screens, Hard Drives, RAM, Desktop Power Supply, Desktop Graphics Card
for more information visit our Fix My Laptop Page
For more information visit our Fix My Desktop Page

How can I tell a friend about FIXIY?
share our Facebook page
email a friend
Text a friend
Phone a friend
Or tell your friend the next time you see them

What help and support do you provide to help me fix my device?
Every FIXIY repair kit includes the exact compatible replacement part, tools, Installation Guide, Telephone and Email Support.
for more information on how we can help you with your install visit our Repair Support Page

Can I send you my iPhone, iPod, iPad, Laptop or Desktop for you to repair it?
Yes you can choose the in home / business collection option. We will collect your device by courier repair it and send it back to you by courier.

If I try to repair my device, get support but then want you to finish the repair will you do this?
Yes, contact us and we will assess the situation, see if we can talk you through the rest of the repair and arrange collection if necessary (collection, repair and delivery costs extra €29.99.

What Warranty is included
All of our parts and services include a 12 Month Warranty and after sales support.

Can you collect my device for repair?
Yes you can choose a collect and return service that includes collection from your home or business, repair and return to your home or business

Who provides FIXIY with replacement screens and is the quality guaranteed?
Our replacement parts are supplied by the same manufacturers of your Device and their quality is guaranteed and backed up by our 12 Month Warranty. Apple do not supply anybody with official parts for iPhone, iPod or iPad so we (and nobody else can genuinely) say that they have Genuine Apple parts but we go to great lengths to make sure our parts are of the exact same quality as the original and all of our parts come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How long do repairs typically take?
if you choose to FIXIY (Fix It Yourself), customers will receive the complete repair kit and instructions within 1-2 business days, repairs usually take 45 minutes to 2.5 hours (depends on customer ability, device and extent of damage.
If you choose to drop into FIXIY’s repair centre we will repair most iPhone issues within 1 hour, Laptop screens within 1 hour. iPad’s and iPod’s same day. We will advise ETA on other repairs.
if you choose Collect & Return Repair, we guarantee a 4-5 business day turnaround. We collect from you by courier, repair your device and return to you by courier.

How can I contact customer service?
email info@fixiy.ie
call us at 01 5458493
for more information visit our Support Page

I’ve ordered a part replacement kit, is there customer support?
Yes, support is included. If you are having trouble fitting the part or just have an enquiry before during or after you fit the part just email or call and we can help you.

Where can I report a problem with my FIXIY service?
visit our Support page.